Islamic Center of Arcata

Arcata Mosque


The mission of Islamic Center Of Arcata is to establish the practice of Islam in the lives of its members, to please Allah (Subhanahu wa ta'ala), through adherence to the teachings of the Quran and the methodology of the Sunnah of the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). It will provide a place of worship, and Islamic environment for individuals and families, authentic Islamic education, da'wah programs for promoting the understanding and propagation of Islam, a source of reference and support system for the community, and develop and implement all such programs within its resources that promote these objectives InSha’Allah. Get in touch!




Assalamu Alaikum dear community members,
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to inform you that starting from October 6, 2023, our Friday Prayers (Jumu'ah) will temporarily be held at the Arcata Library's Conference Room. We kindly ask for your patience and cooperation during this transitional phase.
Furthermore, please be advised that the Maghrib prayers will continue to be conducted at our previous location, 670 9th ST. STE. #1, until October 20, 2023.
May Allah (SWT) grant us patience and resilience in these trying times. We appreciate your understanding and support.Jazakum Allahu Khaira.